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A Landmark Date for The Haiku Foundation

Today The Haiku Foundation officially turns 10 years old. Though we were first conceived in 2004, and had operated for a while both behind the scenes and online prior to our official launch date, we were actually chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia on this date, January 6, in 2009. It has been a great first decade, and we look forward to many, many more. Here is a list of the people who have worked through this past decade and more to provide the many offerings of the Foundation to you. If you have the time and inclination, drop a line to those you know and thank them for their gift of haiku to you, and to so many like you. Thanks!

Scott Abeles
Stephen Addiss
Melissa Allen
Fay Aoyagi
Isabel Asunsolo

Don Baird
Charlie Baker
Deb Baker
Stewart C. Baker
Francine Banwarth
Johnny Baranski
John Barlow
Donna Bauerly
Roberta Beary
Brad Bennett
Rick Black
Danny Blackwell
Thomas R. Borkowski
Ralf Bröker
Randy M. Brooks
Marjorie Buettner
Jim Brueggemann
Gayle Bull
Allan Burns

Steven Carter
David Caruso
Sonam Chhoki
Marta Chocilowska
Marion Clarke
Kirsten Cliff
David Cobb
Ion Codrescu
Carlos Colón
Ellen Compton
Bill Cooper
Robyn Corum

Tom D’Evelyn
Cherie Hunter Day
Raffael de Gruttola
Kristen Deming
Angelee Deodhar

Garry Eaton
Judson Evans
Dee Evetts

Bruce Feingold
Kyle Flak
Seánan Forbes
Lorin Ford
Alice Frampton
Terri L. French

Patrick Gallagher
Jack Galmitz
David Gershator
Richard Gilbert
Robin Goetz
Christie Green
Dennis Greene

Mark Harris
Penny Harter
John Hawkhead
Peggy Heinrich
Christopher Herold
Jane Hirshfield
Jeff Hoagland

Jim Kacian
Srikaanth Krishnamurthy
Anita Krumins

David G. Lanoue
Rebecca Lilly
Amos Dean Ludwig
Peggy Willis Lyles

Anna Maris
Jeannie Martin
John Martone
Scott Mason
Martin Matisoff
Michael McClintock
Peter McDonald
Scott Metz
Paul Miller
Maria Moreno
Ron C. Moss
Bob Moyer
Kathy Munro
H. Gene Murtha
Gene Myers

Peter Newton

Ellen Olinger

Tom Painting
Linda Papanicolaou
Christopher Patchel
Matthew Paul
Ellen Peckham
Paul Pfleuger Jr.
Stella Pierides

Kala Ramesh
Cliff Roberts
Carolyne Rohrig
Ce Rosenow
Philip Rowland
Lidia Rozmus
Dave Russo

Adelaide B. Shaw
Laura Sherman
Sandra Simpson
Donald Skrivseth
Carmen Sterba
John Stevenson
Richard Straw
Jim Sullivan
Alan Summers
Kate Swain
George Swede
Jim Swift

Charles Trumbull

Barbara Ungar

Max Verhart

Diane Wakoski
Michael Dylan Welch
Don Wentworth
Billie Wilson

Ruth Yarrow
Peter Yovu

This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Coming in late…
    My hundred-fold thanks to jim and to THF team.
    It’s vibrant and fun being here.

    Happy to note that I could contribute something to THF.
    Deeply touched with your thank-you note, jim .

  2. Sending my Haiku

    A cloud looms over
    Darkness covers the lagoon
    A tale of winter

  3. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary. Much gratitude to all how have contributed to making the THF such a valuable and valued resource for our international haiku community. May THF continue to flourish for decades to come.

  4. Congratulations! Hard to imagine the EL haiku world without THF in it. Thanks to all for your support over the past decade. Here’s to the next…..

  5. The Haiku Foundation is such a wonderful resource! Thanks to Jim and everyone else for building such a vibrant and communal experience!

  6. Congratulations on your decade anniversary!

    Grateful thanks to all who have played a part along the way.

    Wishing THF many more years of doing amazing things in the haiku community.

    Kirsten Cliff Elliot

  7. i just discovered this site on the internet. am very impressed with the wealth of information here. plan to spend my time exploring your vast digital library, and reading through the guidelines for various writing forms, like the dialogue section….thank you so much for being such great resource for poets to learn, grow, get stimulation and share. It is so comforting to know there is a solid community to turn to for direction and good education. Happy Anniversary….and many, many, more.

  8. Thank you to all of you who have given us this unbelievable resource—the talent, hard work, dedication have reached all of us and we grow in your effort.

    Bless you. Congratulations.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making THF a successful and essential organization for writers all over the globe.

  10. To each of you on this luminous list, cheers, thanks and happy anniversary. An added bow to
    Kathy Munro,
    Danny Blackwell
    Alan Summers
    for their unfailing encouragement.

    1. Thanks Christina! 🙂
      I had a great time being a part of a team on aspects of THF, and I wonder how we all managed before there was a THF! 🙂

  11. The Haiku Foundation has provided a steady diet of inspiration and information for this fledging haiku writer. Thanks to all who have donated your time, thoughtfulness and resources. Much appreciated!

  12. The Haiku Foundation is an valuable resource. In this age of daily divisions THF is a uniting force. Necessary and vital.

    I appreciate the important role it plays in the haiku community. For the people who help make The Haiku Foundation a daily reality — my gratitude.

    Here’s to 10 more years and then some!

    Let’s do this.

  13. Congratulations and a big thank you to THF for all they have done and continue to do for the world haiku community.

  14. Best wishes to all at The Haiku Foundation – happy to be part of this international family! 🎉
    marion (seaview on the forum)

  15. Congratulations, The Haiku Foundation team, and constant supporters.
    Thanks for providing weekly digital books, encouraging the reading of historical haiku literature.
    Also, deep gratitude to the mentors (past and present) and participants of the most valuable workshopping found online, the Forum.
    Jim Kacian, thank you for vision and fortitude.
    Stella Pierides, thanks for your innovation and poise.
    Don Baird, your technical and poetic support of new writers is unfathomable.
    Marta Chocilowaska, your steady hand and faithful attendance of the Poet Registry is appreciated.
    Warm Regards
    And Celebrations!

  16. The Haiku Foundation is an indispensable resource for the English-language haiku community — may it continue to grow and flourish for many more decades to come!

  17. Sincere thanks to everyone involved with THF for all of your dedicated work. It’s great to see who has been involved over the years and how the organization had evolved. Thanks so much for all you do for the community!

    Robin Anna Smith

  18. Many thanks to The Haiku Foundation and Jim Kacian and his team! Congratulations everyone!

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