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Haiku Registry Updated

Here is an update regarding additions to the Haiku Registry since last report. Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page. To submit your own information, click the appropriate link on the Registry’s opening page.

NEW TO THE HAIKU REGISTRY:  William Cullen Jr., Jeff Hoagland, Elizabeth Howard, P M F Johnson, Bill Kenney, Michael Lindenhofer, Mankh (Walter E. Harris III), Giselle Maya, Peter Meister, Ron C. Moss, Nika, Patricia Nolan, Catherine Nowaski, Rita Odeh, Mark Alan Osterhaus, w. f. owen, Dejan Pavlinović, Paul Pfleuger, Jr., Greg Piko, Tyler Scott Pruett, Dorota Pyra, Stuart Quine, Claudia Coutu Radmore, William M. Ramsey, Andrew Riutta, Carolyne Rohrig, Michele Root-Bernstein, David Rosenthal, Charles Rossiter, Cynthia Rowe,  Timothy Russell, Mark Rutter, Miriam Sagan, Ynes Sanz, Kuniharu Shimizu, Artūras Šilanskas, Mathew Spano, Joan D. Stamm, Lucas Stensland, Polly W. Swafford, Wally Swist, and Petar Tchouhov.

Poets pages are regularly updated as books are published or awards/honors are achieved.

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  1. This is a 21st C way of doing business and keeping alive membership commitment to the enterprise of Haiku creativity networking
    May 2011 be a banner year

  2. Addendum for my entry:

    Special Award (1st place) haiku 64th Iga City Basho Festival,October 2010.

    second place 16th Annual Robert Frost Haiku Contest, April 2010. Reprinted “The Saturday Evening Post” September/October 2010.

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