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Book of the Week:Big Sky, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, 2006

Our Book of the Week from The Haiku Foundation Digital Library is Big Sky, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, 2006. This prestigious series of anthologies is recognized as the premiere publication of its type in English. It includes haiku, senryu, haibun, and essays that were originally published in 2006 in print and online journals, and in individual collections from around the world. If you like to read the best of the best, these anthologies are hard to beat.


autumn sunset . . .
she lowers the silk
into the dye

-Francine Barnwarth, United States


morning frost
a surveillance camera
turns on its post

-Timothy Collinson, England


visa bill
i eat the cookies
they baked for Santa

-Ed Markowski, United States


You can read the entire book in the THF Digital Library.

Do you have a chapbook published 2010 or earlier you would like featured as a Book of the Week? Contact us for details.

Haiku featured in the Book of the Week Archive are selected by THF Digital Librarian Garry Eaton, and are used with permission


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