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2023 Touchstone Awards for Distinguished Books – Short List

The Haiku Foundation is pleased to announce The Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards Short List for books of haiku and related forms published in 2023. The nominees’ works represent a rich variety of English-language books from many nations and haiku traditions. The five members of the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award panel have each read the one hundred and one books submitted in the first round, and after careful deliberation have chosen the eighteen books that comprise our Short List. The panel will further review these eighteen volumes to determine which will receive the Awards and Honorable Mentions.

I know I speak for the panel in noting how difficult it was to limit our selection to seventeen books this year.We recognize the many worthy books beyond the Short List which were published in 2023.

On April 17, the Foundation will announce its final awards for 2023.

I wish to thank the Distinguished Books Award Panel: Susan Antolin, Kat Lehmann, Peter Newton, Lorraine Padden, and Christopher Patchel.


Bruce H. Feingold

Touchstone Awards Chairperson and Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards Coordinator

We extend our congratulations to the following authors and publishers (books are arranged in alphabetical order by author):


Baker-Gard, Shelley (Translator),  Freiling, Michael (Translator), and Takikawa, Satsuki (Translator), They Never Asked (Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 2023)

Boyer, David M., overpacked for the afterlife, (Mo & Min Publishing, Middletown, DE, 2023)

Clausen, Tom, One Day (Ithaca, NY: Stark Mountain Press Book 2023)

Day, Cherie Hunter, A House meant only for Summer (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Hall, Carolyn, butterflies under glass (Durham, NC: Backbone Press, 2023)

Harter, Penny, Keeping Time (American Fork, UT: Kelsay Books, 2023)

Kacian, Jim and Schwerin, Julie, (Editors), A New Resonance 13 (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Kadric, Elmedin, rust (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Lindquist, Kristen, island (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Moore, Lenard D., A Million Shadows at Noon (Cleveland, OH, Cuttlefish Books, 2023)

Momoi, Beverly Acuff, how the wind sighs (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Robinson, Chad Lee, The White Buffalo (Durham, NC, Backbone Press, 2023)

Schwerin, Julie, Walking Away from the Sunset (Taylorville, Ill: Brooks Books, 2023)

Stevenson, John, This Once (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Sill, Geoffrey (Editor), Nick Virgilio Collected Haiku, 1963-2012 (Winchester, VA: Red Moon Press, 2023)

Watts, Lew, Eira (Ormskirk, UK: Snapshot Press, 2023)

Witmer, Robert, Serendipity (Allahabad, India:, 2023)


(Footnote:  Two panel members recused themselves in the voting and discussion of The New Resonance 13 as they both were featured in the collection.)

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  1. Many thanks to the panel for recognizing our efforts and congratulations to the other authors on the short list!

  2. So honored for my book to be included on this list, and in such excellent company. My gratitude to the panelists and big congratulations to all the other Short Listers!

  3. Great news! Thanks so much to the panelists for elevating my book in this way. And kudos to all the others on the list. I am in very good company. 🙂

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