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2014 THF Fundraiser Release: The Ticket-Taker’s Shadow



In 2012 the Foundation acquired, among others, Cor van den Heuvel’s archival materials. It is out intention not only to house and protect these materials, but to make them available to research and scholarship, as well as to the haiku community. Last year we released Cor’s sketches and artwork. At this time we’re making available the manuscript to The Ticket-Taker’s Shadow.

The Ticket-Taker’s Shadow is a manuscript for a Selected Haiku that Cor once put together from three of his Chant Press Chapbooks and a number of his haiku sequences. He subtitles this volume “Haiku” but a later but abandoned conception of the book was to include additional selections of haibun and solo renga. Though the layout was completed, The Ticket-Taker’s Shadow was never published, and appears here exclusively.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 27 – December 6. During this time only, every dollar you contribute is matched by an anonymous patron. Your money goes twice as far, and helps the Foundation continue its important work. Thank you.

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  1. Dear Garry,

    I’m so glad you have liked Cor van den Heuvel’s work. He was one of my early influences back last century, and he maintains a certain magic in his haiku that is such a vital ingredient.

    This book is a real treat for us all.

    warm regards,


  2. For someone relatively new to haiku, who has heard much but read little of Cor van den Heuvel’s haiku, this book is a revelation, and provides ample evidence that his reputation is richly deserved. More than any other characteristic, it’s his lightness of touch that impresses me. Thank you Jim, Cor and The Haiku Foundation, for an enriching reading experience I will return to again and again.

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