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2014 THF Fundraiser Release: Pilgrims’ Stride—A Final Reckoning



The Renku Sessions, inaugurated in 2014 through the capable ministrations of renku leader John Stevenson, has proved to be one of the most popular features on our site, not only in terms of views, but also participation. Stevenson takes a final accounting of the project today. And “Pilgrims’ Stride” officially enters the Renku Archives with this summation.

But the resulting 36-stanza poem is but one of many styles of renku, and in 2015 we plan to visit a couple others. Beginning in January we will offer

    • a 12-stanza version led by Sandra Simpson

and beginning in April

    • a 22-stanza version led by Linda Papanicolaou.

We hope you will be inspired to take part in both.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 27 – December 6. During this time only, every dollar you contribute is matched by an anonymous patron. Your money goes twice as far, and helps the Foundation continue its important work. Thank you.

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  1. Glad to hear The Renku Sessions will be ongoing. Might they be moved to the user-friendly Forum where posts are editable and interaction easier?

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