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2014 THF Fundraiser Release: Assignment of Copyright



Today’s release is something outside the usual offerings of The Haiku Foundation, addressing as it does a matter that is personal and legal, rather than public and poetic. We feel it is of paramount of importance to you as a poet, however, and have spent more than a year researching and refining the documents and the reasoning behind them. We hope you’ll take a moment to consider a matter very important to your poetic career: the question of how you will preserve your poetic legacy.

Please go to the Assignment of Copyright section for the details of this important project.

There you will find the background to this project, along with several suggestions as to how you can protect your work, now and in the future. You will also find how The Haiku Foundation can assist you in doing so, particularly by utilizing the Assignment of Copyright document that is available there. This document has been created by the Foundation, in collaboration with two legal teams, to make certain that your rights are the first priority in the use of your work going forward. Please don’t put off this important work. Ensure that the future disposition of your work is handled in the manner you desire, rather than having such decisions made by some other, disinterested party at some future date.

We also take this opportunity to share with you Haiku Video from Around the World. These several pieces are the work of Liana Voia, and can be viewed on the THF Dedicated YouTube Channel.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 27 – December 6. During this time only, every dollar you contribute is matched by an anonymous patron. Your money goes twice as far, and helps the Foundation continue its important work. Thank you.

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  1. An important issue to consider.

    On a related note, my cousin, Paul F. Brandt, died suddenly in 2006, when he was 60. He was a veteran and knew he was mortal. He dedicated his life, land, and savings to nature in southwestern Wisconsin. Because he planned so well, and did the legal work, the Paul Brandt School Forest exists. There is a website.

    I cannot speak to what Jim Kacian writes about, in terms of a major poetry anthology, but this month is my 5th anniversary of blogging with WordPress. I see how many bloggers address issues of copyright and permissions, in different ways. I’ve also noted how visual artists are adding watermarks to their creations. I have no legal knowledge, however.

    People read in so many ways and formats now.

    Thank you, Ellen

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