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2014 THF Fundraiser Release: An Interview with Tom Clausen



Today’s new release is an interview with beloved haiku poet Tom Clausen, filmed at Mann Library on the campus of Cornell University in 2012.

Besides his work as a poet, Tom created the Mann Library Online Poetry resource. He discusses the origins of this project in the interview. He also originated the concept that has become the Book of the Week feature on the Foundation website, posting selected poems from chapbooks on his personal blog beginning in 2010.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 27 – December 6. During this time only, every dollar you contribute is matched by an anonymous patron. Your money goes twice as far, and helps the Foundation continue its important work. Thank you.

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  1. Yes. This is great.

    Tom Clausen is the real deal. A true haiku poet. Simple. Unadorned. True. A man who is in the middle of things, literally (as you can see by the people in the background of the video — great choice). In a way, he is a reporter. His poems are live observations.

    I’ve enjoyed the conversations Tom and I have had over the years in Northfield, MA as part of the annual Haiku Circle gathering. His devotion to the form — and to life — is evident.

    Thanks for this.

  2. What a treat this was to be able to spend some time in Tom’s library cubicle and to listen to a fellow poet share about haiku. Since I live in Alaska, do not fly, and rarely road trip – I’ll probably never meet Tom, although (in the haiku way), I consider him a special friend. For anyone who has not made the Mann Library Daily Haiku a habit, I encourage you to place a link on your desktop. If you have time only for that day’s offering, it’s a peaceful little break. If you are rich with time, explore the treasures in the archives. And many thanks to Tom for this awesome contribution to the haiku community and anyone else lucky enough to find it.

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