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2013 Fundraiser Release: The New Haiku Foundation Omeka Digital Library Interface

The Haiku Foundation Digital Library now offers over 100 titles for your perusal, and as of today, accessing these materials is easier and more pleasant than ever. THF announces its new Digital Library Interface, utilizing Omeka software.

Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Omeka is a Swahili word meaning to display or lay out wares; to speak out; to spread out; to unpack. We feel that by integrating the Omeka system with the custom design of the THF website, we will offer the haiku reader a better reading experience. We hope you will tell us what you think.

We also offer today Jim Kacian’s video haiga “windless morning.”

The Haiku Foundation would like to thank Garry Eaton, THF Digital Librarian, and Dave Russo, THF Webmaster and member of the Board of Directors, for their considerable efforts in making the Digital Library Interface more interactive and attractive for users. We would also like to thank Melissa Allen for introducing us to the Omeka system. And finally, we’d like to thank Jim Kacian for his continuing contributions to the Foundation as well as to the nascent art of video haiga.

Please consider making a donation to The Haiku Foundation during our Fundraising Drive, November 28 – December 6. During this time only, every dollar you contribute is matched by an anonymous patron. Your money goes twice as far, and helps the Foundation continue its important work. Thank you.

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  1. Update:

    As of August, 2017, the Digital Library now features almost 500 books, the archives of 58 haiku journals, over 300 articles and about 50 academic dissertations on haiku related subjects.

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