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1st Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest


The 1st Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest has been announced.

Here are the guidelines:

– Only unpublished three-lined haiku poems written in English and containing a season word are acceptable. Each contestant is allowed to submit up to two poems. Japanese translation is unnecessary.

– Two divisions: (1) One division for high school students, college students and adults (2) One division for junior high school students

– Application procedure:
On one sheet of A4 size paper or a post card include the name, age, sex, nationality, address, and phone number of the applicant along with the poem(s). If the applicant is a junior or senior high school student, also include the name
of his or her school.

– Participation is free!

Deadline: Applications should be postmarked not later than Friday June 12, 2009.

Questions and applications should be addressed to:

The Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum
4223 Nanin Yamadera,
Yamagata-shi, Yamagataken 〒999-3301

Prizes to be awarded: (1) Two top prizes in each division. (2) Five distinguished prizes in each division.

The prize winners will be notified by mail in advance and they will be requested to attend the awards ceremony for the First Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest. The awards ceremony will be held on the 12th of July, 2009, on the occasion of the awards ceremony for the 52nd National Yamadera Haiku Convention.

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    1. Sorry, an’ya, but our policy is that we currently only link to non-profit haiku organizations/societies and haiku blogs.

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